New Teacher Registration

If you have ever registered with the Southern California Bach Festival before, DO NOT create a new account (except to enter both a branch and the Strings or Wind/Voice festival)! Check with your MTAC Branch Bach Festival chairperson to retrieve your previous Teacher ID.


  1. Enter your new Teacher ID. We recommend that you use your last name and first initial (for example, horowitzv or gouldg), although you should feel free to enter any memorable Teacher ID. Use only letters for your Teacher ID (no spaces or numbers). Enter your new private Password. The Password can be between four and eight letters and/or numbers (again, no spaces). Enter your Password again to confirm it.
    IMPORTANT! Write down your ID and Password for future reference!
  2. Enter your personal information as requested. Please use normal capitalization. Do not enter information in all upper or all lower case. All fields are required except for a Fax number. (Keep in mind that you can use the Tab key to move the cursor from one field to the next.)
  3. Choose the  festival in which you are entering your students. This will usually be your own branch, but note that Strings and Winds & Voice have their own festival listings. If you are entering students in more than one festival, you will need to create a separate Teacher ID for each festival.
  4. Click on the Submit button and you will be taken to the system login page where you will need to re-enter your Teacher ID and password. You will then be asked to pay the $25.00 annual site usage fee. Please have your credit card ready.

Thank you for registering!

For string players, choose "Strings." For singers and
wind players, choose "Winds & Voice."